Avoiding Duplicate Content in Article Rewriting: How to Rewrite Paragraphs?

and avoiding--content--rewriting--paragraphs/"> for the purpose of reproducing a single piece of content into several unique contents can be very complicated. However, if you know the different ways of rewriting contents, then you will surely be able to dramatically reduce the efforts you need to exert in order to create high quality and unique rewritten pieces. You can actually rewrite word per word, per sentence, or per paragraph. This focuses on teaching you how to rewrite by paragraphs. Reading this will help you create rewritten pieces as if you have used an article reworder.

Rewrite the Paragraphs per Main Idea

An original article will have several main ideas about the topic. What you should do is to rewrite the entire article into paragraphs wherein each paragraph talks about a specific topic or main idea. Just make sure to focus on one main idea per paragraph so that readers will easily understand the main topic of the paragraph as well as the entire rewritten article as a whole.

Order Rearrangement

When it comes to rewriting paragraphs, it is also very helpful to swap or change the order of how the paragraphs appear. This will increase the uniqueness and originality of the rewritten works. However, this is only effective if the article is not chronologically arranged or there is no time factor for each paragraph.

Listing in Bulleted Form

If you think that a paragraph can be decomposed into a list, then rewrite it into a bulleted form. This is best to do is the paragraph follows an exact order, is an enumeration, or chronologically arranged. Listing in bulleted form can also make the entire article more reader friendly and appealing. articles with bulleted forms have high chances of being read by people.

With these things in mind, you can now rewrite an article by paragraph. Try to practice all styles of rewriting including the word per word and by sentence style of rewriting. Better yet, combine all styles in rewriting a piece of article. Without a doubt, you will be able to turn one article into several unique and high quality rewritten contents. With more practice and efforts, you can mimic those produced by great rewriting tools such as https://seotoolstation.com/. You may even become better than them.


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