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Classic Theme Restorer for Firefox Download


Firefox is among the hottest browsers on this planet, as it’s not solely quick and safe, but additionally intuitive and user-friendly. However, upgrading the graphic interface of such a preferred product to Australis was certain to boost some reactions amongst customers, particularly amongst those that actually favored the outdated look.

Classic Theme Restorer is a browser extension that goals to offer customers with a useful method to personalize the Australis UI to their liking.

Install an addon and restore the outdated look to your Australis Firefox

If you need to maintain the advantages of getting the newest browser model, however you need to ditch the Australis interface, you solely have to obtain Classic Theme Restorer, then drag and drop the XPI file over any tab of Firefox.

After you restart the browser, as requested, you’ll be greeted by the outdated look that you simply favored, with a twist – you additionally get the chance to additional regulate the looks of some buttons and icons to fit your tastes.

Customize Australis and create a one-of-a-kind look for your Firefox

More exactly, you may change from the spherical tabs of Australis to the squared ones, however you may as well experiment with a number of different kinds and keep on with the one you want greatest. You additionally get the freedom to regulate the dimensions of the tabs or to cover the navigation toolbar, if you wish to provide you with a really compact look for your Firefox.

Additionally, you may as well exchange the default colours used all through the browser, which will help you guarantee Firefox matches the theme you will have put in in your OS.

A feature-packed addon for tweaking the looks of Firefox

All in all, Classic Theme Restorer can give you a strong, albeit intuitive, resolution for customizing the tabs, buttons, icons and colours of your Firefox.

You additionally get to disable animations or toolbars with a single mouse click on, so you may effortlessly experiment with all of the settings till you select the ultimate configuration.


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