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DIY steps for making Terracotta Jewellery

Making earthenware adornments is extremely energizing and also simple. You can make earthenware adornments at home likewise utilizing normal earthen dirt and some essential systems. handmadestorez We will manage you well ordered in influencing an ideal gem to piece.

Earthenware mud is accessible in two assortments :

Preparing Clay

Air Dry Clay

These earthenware gems are effectively accessible on the web and in the market in various hues and ethnic plans and shapes. How about we move advance in the method of making earthenware adornments.

Material required in trim the mud and making the adornments :

  • Earthenware mud
  • Wire
  • Wire shaper
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Pins
  • Quilling mold
  • Metallic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Cutout

Apparatus pins for making gap in the dabs

Step-by-step making of a Terracotta earring

Step 1

Knead the clay well until it becomes smooth while applying some oil on your palms in order to avoid the stickiness of the clay on your palms.  Make some small and medium sized round beads and place it to dry aside.

Step 2

When all the beads are made, insert the pins with very light hands as shown in the given picture. Remember the terracotta clay jewellery is very delicate so while making them you need to pay extra care with pins and wires.

Step 3

Using a quilling mould you can make various shapes of different sizes according to your jewellery. As shown in the picture take a terracotta clay ball and a quilling mould tray to give it a shape. These types of quilling mould stencil are easily available in the market or you can buy them online.

Step 4

Now place the Eco-friendly terracotta clay in the quilling mould stencil to give it a jhumka shape with an impression on it comes out safely. Or by using the cookie cutter or small cap you can also give it a shape. For making a hole give it a jhumka shape you need to scoop the clay with the help of small scoop or potter’s tool.

Step 5

Now you get the desired umbrella shape for your (jhumka style) earring as you can see in the given picture. Now keep both the round beads with pins inside and the umbrella-shaped jhumka to dry.

Step 6

Taking both the material together, the tiny round beads and umbrella (jhumka) shape earring. You need to fix them together. As you can see in the pictures the beads are inserted with the pins from one side. Now you have to insert the pins into the base edge of jhumka to fix the tiny balls to it. And give it a beautiful jhumka form.

Step 7

Now again take the terracotta clay making it smooth and flatten the clay on a proper flat surface. By using the cookie cutter or bottle cap cut the desired design for your stud as shown in the picture.

Step 8

As shown in the picture the leaf shaped stud is cut and given the impression. You can also do the same for making the stud jhumka in any shape.

Step 9

Now take four pins and insert two pins into the stud from back side making it wearable. And two i.e., one for each stud and fix them from below the stud with the attached bead into the wire.

Step 10

You get exactly the same thing as shown in the picture by fixing the two pieces of earring together with the help of wire.

Step 11

Taking the two wires that can be of any material but which can hold the two piece of clay together. Cut the wire and insert it’s both the ends making a loop on top of jhumka.

Step 12

All fixing is done and the stud and jhumka are dried well, now attach the jhumka to the stud very carefully. After which the set can be colored with your favorite colors.

Step 13

Finally, your beautiful stud jhumka earring is ready to wear and match it up with ethnic style clothes.

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