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Soft4 Zalo Marketing 3.8 Free Download

Soft4 Zalo Marketing 3.8

Zalo is the world’s number 1 of the most popular and also very famous mobile phone social network in the Vietnam. Here is Soft4 Zalo Marketing software for it. Zalo has also become an appearance in the field of technology as well as in the field of marketing in the Vietnam, many of the people have recognized the opportunity for a local company. You can Download Soft4 Zalo Marketing Free from the link given below. You can also download more free software for your computer.

Soft4 Zalo Marketing

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Only some people try to believe a company that Vietnam could build the products of technology with their features that fascinate all the users, also simultaneously with the powerful marketing campaign, more than any foreign company, that is considered very wealthy, and also experienced much of the ads “full of himself”.

Soft4 Zalo Marketing Features:

  • The users Zalo can send the messages and also pictures automatically to the bulk.
  • It can also very easily filter and also connect all the users automatically with the telephone numbers.
  • If you do not have available any list of numbers, then it can automatically generate all the numbers.
  • It can also import all the contacts from file.txt file automatically, even list and also more information.
  • The delivery speed of Soft4 Zalo Marketing is the 60s / 1tin to send the follow list and 3s / news send by the location.
  • Your all the save results on Zalo send the machine off abruptly.
  • You can also enter your mobile phone number from the excel file and you can also enter a list of the mobile phone number from a text file or also the series excel.
  • It also has chat rooms to send the messages by location.

Download Link is:

Free Soft4 Zalo Marketing Download

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