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Giveaway of the Day. 1-abc.net Security Box 6.00

1-abc.net Security Box is a complete device for shielding personal knowledge and securing information. It integrates a password organizer, private diary, file encrypter, file washer, backup and synchronizer to enhance the total safety of your system.

Password Organizer is a administration device for creating and organizing all of your login and password knowledge.
Personal Diary helps you keep in mind your concepts and save them in a secured and extremely encrypted file. It additionally makes use of completely different encryption strategies, resembling AES, Caesar, Blowfish, Twofish, Simple HEX Encoder, Serpent, MARS and TEA. For saving essential knowledge on exterior drives or different locations in your system, Backup module is the device to make use of. Backups will also be scheduled to run routinely.

Synchronizer module compares information in numerous folders and copies the latest ones to each folders. It can be utilized on FTP servers too. File Washer is the module to make use of to completely delete information out of your arduous drive, to allow them to by no means be recovered.

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