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Java Development Kit 8 Update 152 (32-bit)

Java Development Kit is the official improvement equipment for the Java programming
language. Java Development Kit incorporates the software program and instruments that
you should compile, debug, and run applets and purposes written utilizing the Java programming language.

JDK has a set of programming instruments, together with javac, jar, and the
archiver, which packages associated class libraries right into a single JAR file. This
instrument additionally helps handle JAR recordsdata, javadoc – the documentation generator,
which mechanically generates documentation from supply code feedback, jdb –
the debugger, jps – the method standing instrument, which shows course of
info for present Java processes, javap – the category file disassembler,
and different elements are additionally included.

Key Contents embody:

  • Development Tools
    (In the bin/ subdirectory) Tools and utilities that may aid you develop,
    execute, debug, and doc applications written within the JavaTM programming
  • Runtime Environment
    (In the jre/ subdirectory) An implementation of the Java Runtime Environment
    (JRE) to be used by the JDK. The JRE features a Java Virtual Machine (JVM),
    class libraries, and different recordsdata that assist the execution of applications
    written within the Java programming language.
  • Additional Libraries
    (In the lib/ subdirectory) Additional class libraries and assist recordsdata
    required by the event instruments.
  • Demo Applets and Applications
    (In the demo/ subdirectory) Examples, with supply code, of programming for
    the Javaplatform. These embody examples that use Swing and different Java
    Foundation Classes, and the Java Platform Debugger Architecture.
  • Sample Code
    (In the pattern subdirectory) Samples, with supply code, of programming for
    sure Java API’s.
  • C header Files (In the embody/ subdirectory) Header recordsdata that assist native-code
    programming utilizing the Java Native Interface, the JVM Tool Interface, and
    different performance of the Java platform.
  • Source Code
    (In src.zip) Java programming language supply recordsdata for all lessons that make
    up the Java core API (that’s, sources recordsdata for the java.*, javax.* and a few
    org.* packages, however not for com.solar.* packages). This supply code is offered
    for informational functions solely, to assist builders study and use the Java
    programming language. These recordsdata don’t embody platform-specific
    implementation code and can’t be used to rebuild the category libraries. To
    extract these file, use any widespread zip utility. Or, chances are you’ll use the Jar
    utility within the JDK’s bin/ listing: jar xvf src.zip.

The JDK additionally comes with a whole Java Runtime Environment. This consists of a Java Virtual Machine and the entire class
libraries current within the manufacturing setting, in addition to extra libraries, internationalization
libraries and the IDL libraries.

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