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One of the Latest Android Security Measure – FRP

The continuous advancement of technology and the evolution of human beings from developing countries to being technologically advanced and industrialized countries has prompted the use of smartphones to be one of the most relevant part of living in this world. For that reason, more and more people are using smartphones in their daily lives. With that being said, people are exchanging smartphones to obtain new ones.

However, most smartphones sold and bought are not brand new. They come from third party people or are called second hand. Buying such kinds of smartphones can be a really great money saver. However, there is a risk in buying such kinds of smartphones and that risk is associated with security.

Most smartphones nowadays operate with the Android operating system. Continuous updates and improvements have been incorporated in such kinds of devices, including updates concerned with security. One of the most recent and most important updates made by this OS is the Factory Reset Protection.

Before, people can just factory reset a phone to bypass the password of a phone, especially when they only buy a phone from a third party yet they do not know its password, and for some reason they cannot seem to connect or contact with the seller. When this happens, they would be unable to access the phone without knowing the password, unless they reset the phone back to its factory settings, also called as factory reset. However, Android has already gotten around this hack by incorporating the Factory Reset Protection.

The Factory Reset Protection is a security measure that prompts people to log into a Google account previously used in the phone. Therefore, if people does not know of any Google Account previously logged into their phones, then they would be unable to access it even after Factory Resetting it.

This became a major problem to people especially those who only buy phones from third parties in order to save some cash. Fortunately, the intellectuals have found a way to get around with this problem. And the solution was to Bypass Google account.

There are different methods and Techniques that can be used to Bypass Google account. You can find such methods by clicking the link mentioned above. Now, you might be thinking why there are various techniques. The answer to that is simple – one technique may work for a person but not to another. Thus, you should try the various techniques to make sure that you will be able to arrive to a technique that will really solve your problem.

Good luck in factory resetting your phone and bypassing the Google account. Do not panic because no matter how hard it may seem to you to get around with the problem, there will always be a solution for it.

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