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The Perks of Using Skype Premium

If you are a business owner and you use the Skype communication software for communication, then you most likely enjoy the free texts and calls you can make with your employees, business partners, clients, and customers.

However, there are still some limits as to how you can use the free software. For example, you cannot call people on their mobile phones or landlines using Skype. You also cannot conduct high quality calls with people from overseas. Fortunately, you can get yourself through with these limitations using the Skype premium software. It is the upgraded and improved version of the regular Skype software where you have to pay for a monthly bill. This article discusses the features of the Skype premium and its perks.

Limitless Calls to Mobile Phones and Landlines

One excellent feature of Skype premium is that you can do limitless calls to mobile phones and landlines. This means that you can call people included on your contact list using their landlines or mobile phone numbers. This is really helpful if you want to contact people not only on Skype but also on their regular phone numbers.

A High Quality Group Video Call

Another excellent feature of Skype premium is that you can conduct group video calls with up to ten persons simultaneously. This is really helpful when you want to have a meeting with a group of persons. As a business owner, you may be required you to conduct some meetings with some of your business partners and employees that are far from you. Communicating with them via Skype will really save you a lot of cash and time that you may spend travelling just for some meeting.

Sharing of Screens

With Skype Premium, you can also do screen sharing. With this, you can conduct formal meetings with your colleagues. You can flash presentations on your screen while doing a group video call.

No Annoying Advertisements

The regular Skype for free can be annoying at times when a lot of ads are being shown on the screen. Get away from this annoyance by using the Skype premium since it flashes no ads.

Live Support Chat

You also get a special treatment with Skype premium wherein you can have a live chat with the Skype support team. Thus, whenever you encounter any kind of problems, you are one chat away from the support team to be able to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Apart from these features of using Skype premium, you can also incorporate the tool called Skype Resolver. It can help you extract other contact information from your Skype contacts. Such information includes your contacts’ email addresses, Skype Ids, and IP addresses. To use such tool, go to SEO Tool Station which is a website that provides a lot of helpful tools that are only free to use.

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