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Get Tumbling Jazz Free Download | The Ultimate Tumblr Bot | Rootjazz

Tumbling Jazz Free Download | The Ultimate Tumblr Bot, Tumblr is one of the most popular Social Media Blogging Platform in these Days. Millions of Tumblr users with millions of blogs use the site EVERY DAY. So, with the help of TumblingJazz, you can automate all the Tumblr process. The Tumbling Jazz, this is the Tumblr bot its fully automate all actions and interactions of the Tumblr.com and you get an enormous amount of traffic from Tumblr.


With the help of this software, everything you can do on the Tumblr has been automated. You have full control over your accounts through this software and easily manage your accounts.

Tumbling Jazz Free Download  The Ultimate Tumblr Bot  Rootjazz

Get Tumbling Jazz Free Download The Ultimate Tumblr Bot Rootjazz

Tumbling Jazz Features:

  • Automatic Following.
  • Automatic Liking the posts.
  • With the help of this Automatic Reblogging.
  • Automatic Reblogging Articles that you published.
  • Automatic Reblogging Pictures.
  • Automatic Reblogging Your Quotes.
  • Automatic Reblogging Your or other Conversations.
  • Tumbling Jazz Free Download Automatic Reblogging Links.
  • Electronic Posting Articles.
  • Its Automatic Posting Images with watermark options.
  • Automatic Posting YouTube Videos.
  • It has the feature of Scraper Image from Pinterest.
  • It also has Tumblr Blog Image Scraper Feature.
  • It has Fully Secondary blog support.
  • Its Automatically uploads images from the specific folder.
  • It has the feature to Create Account and automatic email verification.
  • Manage an unlimited amount of accounts.
  • It also has Proxy scraper option.
  • It has Proxy verification feature.
  • It can Auto content spinning control.
  • It has the Time delay feature between actions.
  • Tumbling Jazz Repeat all actions.
  • Run SEO improvements to your blog theme just in one click.
  • It has Full Captcha API support.

Tumbling Jazz Free Download Demo Video:

Get TumblingJazz 1.754 Cracked Free Download

Name: TumblingJazz

Version: 1.754

OS: Windows

Type: Social Marketing, Tumblr Marketing

Price: $77

1.Download Setup, then install – http://rootjazz.com/tumblingjazz/download.html
Download Last Setup
Tutorials – http://rootjazz.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=17

Fix for all rootjazz product when ask force Update :

Here is what you have to do:

1. Click on your time and date settings in bottom left corner of the screen (I am using Windows 7)
2. Click “Change date and time settings…”
3. Click “Change date and time” – you should have administrative privileges for this.
4. Select ANY date before 01. 09. 2016. For example, you can set it to 25. 08. 2016.
5. When inside the bot, change date and time back to your normal date and time. 🙂

That is all! Enjoy botting! 😀

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