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What is WHatsApp and How Does It Work?

WhatsApp is a messaging application in mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets. It can be used to exchange text messages, video calls, voice mails, GIFs, images, locations, videos, documents, contacts, and other kinds of files. For most people, they now use WhatsApp as a replacement for the regular SMS test messaging applications. Even a lot has found to download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 200 in order to use the beneficial application in their helpful devices.

Since its advent, WhatsApp has already become very popular and successful in its own platform. It now has around 900 million users worldwide. This figure continues to grow as the application gains a lot more active users on a daily basis.

The main different between WhatsApp and the other text messaging applications is that you do not need to have credits or load balance in your smart phones to be able to send whatever kind of message you want to send to a contact with WhatsApp. You only have to connect to the internet to be able to send the message. With the wide availability of the internet nowadays, the WhatsApp application became a great alternative.

Perhaps the best feature of WhatsApp is the fact that you can send text messages to people included in your contacts. Therefore, whenever you need to contact someone right away, you can use the WhatsApp application. No need to have a load balance or credits. Just connect to the internet and log in using your username and password.

However, you can send not only text messages but also a variety of things as well. For instance, you can send images and videos to people to. You can also inform them about your current location and know theirs as well. You can also send voice messages to people if you do not want to type messages or just to be able to improve the communication.

For these reasons, the WhatsApp application has become an integral part of the lives of the people. If you have a device, then you should download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 200 now especially if your phone is Nokia.

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